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Unnamed book one, new Series General Mann34%
Dawn book 3 2%

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Introducing the thrilling return of Demi-god Vic and her enthralling journey filled with friends, family, and foes. Prepare to be captivated as Vic, believing she had vanquished the formidable “sentient virus” Vachel, navigates her life as an outcast in her local high school. Witness her relentless pursuit of honing her extraordinary powers, guided by the divine goddess Athena. However, destiny has other plans in store. Brace yourself as Vic finds herself entangled in a web of unknown forces. Join her werewolf friend and mentor Theron as he confronts a rebellious pack led by a former criminal-turned-werewolf. Unveil the shocking truth that Vachel, far from being deceased, has joined forces with this rogue pack, driven by sinister powers that still yearn to annihilate Vic. Prepare for a riveting showdown in the tranquil town of Great Oak, where violence and supernatural clashes reign supreme. Experience the electrifying tale of Vic’s unwavering determination to protect herself and her loved ones from the clutches of malevolence.

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Prepare to be captivated by the thrilling tale of Connie, a defiant teenager, as she battles against her oppressive “tyrant” father, who happens to be the local sheriff. However, her world is turned upside down when her father is abducted by a group of rogue vampires. In a race against time, Connie must join forces with the courageous Dawn and resourceful Ava to embark on a daring mission to rescue her father from the clutches of darkness. Experience the adrenaline-pumping adventure filled with suspense, danger, and unexpected twists. Discover the power of friendship, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of youth.

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Descending Dawn

Storm Front over Atlantis

Fallen Dawn, Hardback, Paperback and Audible.

Fallen Dawn Volume Two of City of the Dead

“Find the stolen goods or die.” This is the ultimatum the Council of Elders gives reluctant vampire and former police detective Iliana Dawn. Murdered while investigating a crime scene involving a substance the Council wants in its possession, Dawn was “made” into a vampire, but “unauthorized” vampires are illegal. Now Dawn, not the most trusting of souls on her best days, must band together with her former police partner Kershaw, her vampire mentor Knight and his mysterious assistant Ava, and others she feels are highly suspect in order to save her own (un)life by retrieving the stolen goods, while protecting her sister Jeana and others dear to her, and trying to navigate her way in her new and often confusing world.

E.W. Roberts continues to craft a successful niche in paranormal fantasy with his snappy vampire detective, and I’m hungry for book three. Write faster, please!”  –

Descending Dawn Volume One of City of the Dead.

Vampires have come out of the shadows but are illegal everywhere except Georgia, where they have congregated in the city of Acheron. When vampire-hating detective Iliana Dawn is assigned a case involving “Fangers,” as she calls them, she reluctantly accepts assistance from one of the despised group. Little does she know the deadly repercussions this case will have for her…

With captivating prose and a successful whodunnit approach, Descending Dawn is a great start to a promising series.” -Independent Book Review.

Storm Front Over Atlantis

The first book in the Olympic Legacy.

Storm Front Over Atlantis, written by E.W. Roberts, is the first installment of a series called Olympic Legacy. This imaginative narrative skillfully mixes Greek mythology with a contemporary coming-of-age story. The story shifts back and forth between two scenarios: the town of Great Oak and the mythic realm of Atlantis.

When Olympian gods now residing in Atlantis take an interest in 17-year-old Victoria “Vic” Hartley, bloody chaos ensues in her sleepy Florida hometown of Great Oak. While the ancients try to protect her, Vic’s enemies seek to destroy her…and Vic is becoming aware of unique abilities and increasing powers that she doesn’t understand.  As forces beyond her wildest imagination clash, can she survive? Is she, in fact, the heir to Atlantis.