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City of the Dead, Book One

by E.W. Roberts
Narrated by: Lisa Negrόn

Production by: Roanoke Publishing

Not the Horror you Might Expect!

Iliana Dawn is a police detective and hates vampires with a passion. Although they are legal in Georgia, they are still not wanted by all. Detective Dawn is a fierce woman with a gun and a strong maternal instinct. Becoming involved with a teen vampire while solving a crime, her life takes a drastic and deadly turn.

The author, E.W. Roberts creates a world of vampires. Some are struggling to remain anonymous; some want to fit in, and then you have the ones who feel entitled and will step on anyone in their way. Each character is essential to the story. The storyline flows smoothly with a strong backstory, character development is solid, and lots of action. I enjoyed learning more about Iliana Dawn and the inner workings that make her such a strong character. The plot twists were done and unexpected!

The Narrator, Lisa Negrόn provides a clear voice and perfects the attitude of Officer Dawn perfectly. She kept the story flowing smoothly and flawlessly. She leaves the listener on the edge of their chair as she builds the appropriate emotion – hate, anger, love, disinterest. The change of emotion is amazing, and she does an excellent job for the audience.

This is one of those rare horror books where you get what you do not expect and lots of suspense. I cannot wait for the next book! Source page.