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Fallen Dawn, Volume Two

“Find the stolen goods or die.” This is the ultimatum the Council of Elders gives reluctant vampire and former police detective Iliana Dawn. Murdered while investigating a crime scene involving a substance the Council wants in its possession, Dawn was “made” into a vampire, but “unauthorized” vampires are illegal. Now Dawn, not the most trusting of souls on her best days, must band together with her former police partner Kershaw, her vampire mentor Knight and his mysterious assistant Ava, and others she feels are highly suspect in order to save her own (un)life by retrieving the stolen goods, while protecting her sister Jeana and others dear to her, and trying to navigate her way in her new and often confusing world.

Book Reviews

E.W. Roberts continues to craft a successful niche in paranormal fantasy with his snappy vampire detective, and I’m hungry for book three. Write faster, please!”  – Full Review

“The stakes are higher than ever in this riveting second installment.” -Independent Book Review. Full Review