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Storm Front Over Atlantis 

When Olympian gods now residing in Atlantis take an interest in 17-year-old Victoria “Vic” Hartley, bloody chaos ensues in her sleepy Florida hometown of Great Oak. While the ancients try to protect her, Vic’s enemies seek to destroy her…and Vic is becoming aware of unique abilities and increasing powers that she doesn’t understand. As forces beyond her wildest imagination clash, can she survive? Is she, in fact, the heir to Atlantis

Book Reviews 

“An imaginative narrative skillfully mixes Greek mythology with a contemporary coming-of-age story. 4 out of 4 stars.” review.   Full Review

“Greek mythology meets urban fantasy in this gripping novel by E. W. Roberts. Storm Front Over Atlantis is filled with memorable characters, a story that will keep readers on the edges of their seats.” Editorial review from Full Review

“I’d recommend Storm Front Over Atlantis to anyone who enjoys a fantasy story with meaningful relationships that will expand your imagination.” -Independent book review.  Full Review

[Roberts] is undaunted by the challenge of bold storytelling.” -Independent book review.

“Such a fun story. I loved the inclusion and melding of Atlantis with Mythology and the characteristic tropes of fantasy. I appreciated how her character was developed and described. She felt strong and thoughtful and realistic despite being only 17. This is a great beginning to a series and I’m excited to see more.” Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards.​​​​​​​