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Descending Dawn City of the Dead, Volume One

Vampires have come out of the shadows but are illegal everywhere except Georgia, where they have congregated in the city of Acheron. When vampire-hating detective Iliana Dawn is assigned a case involving “Fangers,” as she calls them, she reluctantly accepts assistance from one of the despised group. Little does she know the deadly repercussions this case will have for her…

Book Reviews

“An engrossing vampire tale with a richly detailed plot and backstory.” Kirkus review of Descending Dawn. Full Review

“With captivating prose and a successful whodunnit approach, Descending Dawn is a great start to a promising series.” -Independent Book Review. Full Review

“This first installment of this series is captivating.” 4 out of 4 stars Online Book Club.  Full Review

“This is a well-written urban fantasy from a confident author who pens a full cast of interesting characters and neatly weaves together the threads of legend, urban myth and familiar crime stories into an intriguing plot. The worst thing about Descending Dawn is that book two has yet to be released! Once you get a taste for the writing of E.W. Roberts, I guarantee that you will be hungry for more.”    Full Review 

“The author, E.W. Roberts creates a world of vampires. The storyline flows smoothly with a strong backstory, character development is solid, and lots of action. The Narrator, Lisa Negrόn kept the story flowing smoothly and flawlessly. She leaves the listener on the edge of their chair as she builds the appropriate emotion – hate, anger, love, disinterest.” Full Review